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Who We Are
Una Voce of Western Washington is group of faithful Roman Catholics who share the common and single goal of establishing Latin Masses, according to the 1962 Missal, in the Seattle archdiocese. We have been in existence for over a decade, previously under the name Ecclesia Dei of Western Washington. A few years ago, three groups in Washington State consolidated to form our present organization. We became affiliated with Una Voce America as an original charter group in 1997.

What we have done In the past we have sponsored a variety of activity: We have coordinated petition drives, worked with other like-minded organizations, held a variety of notable events with nationally and internationally known speakers, and strived to keep our members informed on matters relating to our sacred Roman Catholic traditions. We have welcomed such guests as Michael Davies (notable author and President, Una Voce International), Fathers Joseph Bisig and Arnaud Devillers (both Superior Generals of the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter), and many others.

What Can You Do?
Read about What can you do?, including Joining the Chapter.

Just send us an email at unavoceww@gmail.com or Contact Us through other means.

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